Just an Update on My Health

Hi guys!

As you might have known, I sorta disappeared over the past few months from my blog. As a result, I lost my blog and have to start all over again. Don’t worry though, I still have all the posts from my previous blog but I am still thinking about it. Mostly because a lot has changed.

First, my disappearance. I didn’t really want to go. Ask anybody around me and the last thing I wanted was to leave my blog. Sadly, my doctor from dr7physioandpod.com.au insisted that I ensure I don’t over-exert myself. Without looking too much into my sickness, I needed a break. A lot has been going on and my body simply couldn’t handle it all. In my mind, I was mighty fine. My body apparently didn’t get the memo.

So I went into some sort of house arrest. I opted not to go on social media or any other online platform. As a matter of fact, my home phone was my only connection to the outside world. It was hell at first. I was so used to getting connected with people, going out all the time, having a few laughs here and there. Then here I was. A prisoner of my own doing.

After a few weeks of solitude, I found out what was really wrong with me. Aside from my physical illnesses, my soul was also sick. Sick of chasing time. Sick of being who I am not.

So like any person in his/her right mind, I decided to change. I dedicated the rest of my recovery days into changing who I am. I wanted to slow down. I wanted to be contented.

Because of this, a lot of my previous posts no longer hold true. I might still upload them one day, but for the mean time. I want to start fresh.