How To Be Your Own Handyman

A while back, I wanted to be a handyman. It seemed like a realistic aspiration. I needed to learn to fix various things around the house, and being a handyman looked like a decent way to make a little extra on the side. There didn’t seem to be much of a drawback to the plan.

I learned the hard way that diving right into wanting to become a handyman involves a lot of study and preparation. I can’t say it wasn’t fun, but I wish I didn’t jump into it blind.

Specifically, I wish I had someone teach me a lot of the stuff I only learned through trial and error.

Only after picking up the basics on my own did I realise I could have spared myself all that trouble either by hiring as needed or looking into one of the resources I outline below. If you want to learn, I’ll describe the ways you can do that.

One way to learn is through vocational schools. You can get training in some trades this way, whether you go for attending physically or an online program. Personally, I think being there in person is better because so much of the skills require you to use your hands.

However, vocational schools are usually very particular. If you’re looking to specialise, that’s fine. If you want to be an all-purpose handyman, you need an alternative.

Another option is for you to go on the Internet. Youtube is your friend. With a wireless connection, you can watch video tutorials on just about anything you can think of these days. You can learn anything that doesn’t involve activities that fall outside Youtube’s allowable content.

The catch with Internet tutorials is they’re not interactive. You can’t ask questions in case you’re lost, though you can see things and replay them if that helps. There’s also the issue of finding good tutorials, rather than ones that go over the broad strokes but neglect important details.

A third option is just to get practical experience, such as volunteering. Habitat for Humanity, for instance, has a program that can help you learn through doing. They build homes for the homeless, so you’re also helping a charity as you learn.

Habitat for Humanity and other organisations like this offer free training in various trades related to what they do. You can find out how things are done or practice the basics.

Finally, you could just take the time to find a mentor. Someone who knows the trade and can teach you, one on one.