Taking care of windscreens

I like to drive. When I drive, I don’t always have a smooth experience with it. Unpleasant things happen that get on my nerves or make me wish I didn’t go out that day.

Some of those annoyances are small. Running low on gas in a spot that doesn’t have too many petrol stations, for instance. Or I might realise that I need something – like a wallet or a camera – that I forgot to bring with me when I got out.

Sometimes, it’s a little bigger. There might be an emergency, a situation that will make me turn back. It might be something I’ve forgotten. I have to admit, that’s happened to me more than once. I go out for a quick drive and realise there is something I need to do or somewhere I need to be.

Of course, the ones that are the most taxing tend to be the instances when something happens to the car. Usually, it’ll be unforeseen, and it’ll be very annoying. In the worst of cases, I’ve found myself in danger because of a road-related problem.

Recently, something of that sort happened to me. I was driving on a back road. I was going out to think for a moment. I checked and made sure I didn’t forget anything, and there were no appointments for me to get to. A drive seemed like a good way to unwind for a bit.

Anyway, I was on the road, and I hear a cracking sound. I wasn’t sure what it was, and it didn’t repeat so I kept going. Yeah, that was a mistake.

Then the bang came. I’m not ashamed to admit that I started swearing when it happened, and I was shocked for too long. I decided it was safer to brake slowly, move off the road. Safer for me and everyone else on the road.

I learned later that doing this is a smart move. Panicking and braking hard would have sent me careening off and cause people more trouble.

Another thing I learned about windscreens that day is that they’re not that dangerous if they shatter. It’s fascinating. The glass on modern vehicles is designed so that if they shatter, it’s going to be in small pieces, not shards that can cut and slice.

Since I had a tinting film applied to keep most of the heat out, it was even less likely to shatter into cutting pieces. This made it even less likely that I would be injured, especially since I kept my eyes covered. Between my arm and sunglasses designed for driving, I wasn’t going to go blind.

As I talked with the guys who replaced my windscreen – you can visit website here – I learned that it shattering as completely as it did was a good thing. A partial crack would have made it hard to see anything. They said I might have had to do more damage to get visibility if that was the case.

I just wish I didn’t need to learn all of that the hard way.